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Food Forward

What will be on our plates in 2050, and how will it get there? Food Forward is a new Rabobank podcast featuring the innovators and agriculture experts who are changing the way we produce and consume food.

By the middle of this century there will be nearly 10 billion mouths to feed. How do we feed the world and stay within planetary boundaries? How can we support a transition to a more sustainable food system that empowers everyone along the food chain, from the farmer to the consumer? Join Food Forward as we search for answers.

Dutch listeners can also look for our sister podcast "Food Forward NL" wherever they listen.

Oct 13, 2019

“We’ve been hurt, we’ve been disappointed, we’ve felt somewhat misled.” Feelings of distrust have damaged the relationship between consumers and food companies. According to Linda Eatherton, it’s time to “pull back the curtain.”

Linda Eatherton is the Managing Director of global marketing communication...

Aug 28, 2019

The start-ups who pitch at FoodBytes! are driving some of the key developments in food and agriculture today. Nina Meijers, Start-up Relationship Manager at Rabobank, explains how supporting these companies fuels innovation across the food chain.

FoodBytes! is best known as a pitch competition. But according to...

Aug 13, 2019

45 years. 22 countries. 350 cooperatives. 4 million farmers. These are easy numbers to share, admits Pim Mol, Director of Rabo Foundation. But they don’t tell the whole story of how a corporate foundation is empowering farmers to become self-reliant. A resilient global food system starts with the smallholder...

Jul 11, 2019

Spoiler alert! Meat isn’t going anywhere. But that doesn’t mean the animal protein industry isn’t changing. What will the sector – and our diets – look like in twenty years? Animal protein strategist Justin Sherrard carves into our meatiest questions.


May 12, 2019

“When the consumer makes its mind up about something, it can have profound implications, all the way back to the farmer.”

Who’s really driving the future of food? Product developers? The hottest new chef? Tech-savvy farmers? Or is it each of us, every time we decide what to eat next? Nick Fereday, Executive...